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Unique displays for unique pieces.

Your jewelry has never shined so bright.
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Glass. Wood. Metal. You name it.

If you can think it, we can build it.

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There are many reasons to display.

This is by no means an extensive list of the display cases we build here at Westwood Cabinets. There are many reasons to display items, make sure you’ve got yours covered!

  • Commercial Purposes
  • When you’re looking to awe your customers you must have an aesthetically pleasing way to display your products. We’ve helped businesses across multiple industries achieve this by giving their display cases the best purpose and quality. Make sure to win your customers’ business by making your display case a true winner.
  • Artistic Purposes
  • Art is meant to communicate a message. We would know, it’s what we do for a living! The space and manner in which your art is displayed is just as important as the art piece itself. Make your display case as beautiful as your art. 
  • Home Display
  • Having a display case in your home is seriously impressive to your guests. Take it up a notch with a customized display case for your [insert your bragging right item] and you’re one step closer to looking like a true king/queen. Display your most prized possession with a matching quality case.
Ready for show-‘n’-tell?

Lock Away

Don’t let them get away, protect your showpieces with locks for added security.

Portable Displays

Are you mobile? Get a quality mobile display case to take your show on the road.

Service Counters

Display and facilitate transactions with added features to receive and secure your money.

Are you ready to display? Click the button to contact us!

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