Professional Fine Woodworking for 30 Years
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Custom Cabinetry in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Your commercial space needs cabinetry to help you maintain a neat and clean atmosphere and secure valuable and/or private items and information. Westwood Cabinets & Store Fixtures delivers custom cabinetry to meet your needs and help you achieve a unique look to visually brand your space.

Demand Higher Quality Commercial Cabinetry

Commercial cabinetry is subject to more wear and tear than cabinetry designed for residential use. Most mass-produced cabinetry intended for homes is only designed to last five to ten years before replacement. That is not a sound investment for your commercial space.

custom cabinetsWestwood Cabinets & Store Fixtures crafts custom cabinetry that beautifully holds up for much longer. We use higher quality materials like commercial-grade ¾” melamine rather than thin compressed wood products used by many commercial manufacturers. Our craftsmen apply their expertise to create cabinetry that lasts 25 years (on average) before needing replacement.

We back all our custom cabinetry with a full one-year warranty. Plus, we provide repair and restoration service even after your warranty has expired.

Get Cabinetry Customized to Meet Your Needs

For optimal functionality and appearance, you need cabinetry that is customized to your needs and commercial space. Westwood Cabinets & Store Fixtures ensures you get exactly what you want. Every custom woodworking project begins with a consultation. We take the time to take measurements, listen to your needs and understand your preferences, such as:

  • Do you have existing décor you would like to match or complement?
  • Does your cabinetry require locks or other security features?
  • Do you need adjustable shelving inside your cabinetry?
  • Does your cabinetry need to accommodate plumbing fixtures and/or incorporate cable management features?

We accommodate any specifications you have and create a number of possibilities for your cabinetry. Once your custom cabinetry is complete, we provide installation service, too.

Contact us to schedule your design consultation and get a free quote for custom cabinetry for your Albuquerque, NM commercial space.

Contact Westwood Cabinets & Store Fixtures to get attractive, durable cabinetry customized for your commercial space.